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Welcome to The website on which this Policy is hosted is owned and managed by Belarmino da Rocha Group (“BDR / BELARMINO DA ROCHA”).
This Privacy Notice describes how “TEATREAR” projects globally, including in the European Economic Area, which includes the United Kingdom, the EU and Norway (“EEA”), collect, use, disclose, transfer, store, retain or otherwise process your information, whether provided through the website or acquired directly by any other means, and will be treated in accordance with the Law.
By continuing to browse and use this site, you accept the terms and conditions of use, which govern TEATREAR’s relationship with you.


Whenever “we”, “our” or “us” is used in this policy, it refers to your relationship and an obligation or right, in TEATREAR.
“Data Controller” is the entity that determines the purpose for which personal data is collected and processed.
“Data Processor” is the entity that processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller
“Personal Data” is any information about a living natural person, which allows their identification, such as name, e-mail or photograph, which may identify them alone or together with other information.


This policy explains how we comply with the laws and regulations in our respective countries and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (“the PECR”) relating to electronic communications (together and separately,” the law ” ).
TEATREAR agrees that:
A. “Belarmino da Rocha Group” will manage the content of the part of the website dedicated to “TEATREAR” where the policy is published, for example, and, in particular, event registrations and online donations;
B. all Personal Data relating to persons residing in the EEA acquired by or relating to such persons accessing the website for any purpose, including without limitation:
i. making a donation;
ii. register for any event;
iii. purchase goods or services through this website;
will be treated in accordance with this Policy and the Law;
iv. such information will be kept confidential and will only be provided to third parties, who help us, provide goods or services requested by such people, or with their prior consent.
We will adhere to the Data Protection Principles as detailed in the GDPR. Your information will be:
A. processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner;
B. collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and not processed in a manner inconsistent with those purposes;
C. adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
D. accurate and, where necessary, up-to-date;
E. stored in a way that allows the identification of data subjects no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed;
F. processed in a manner that ensures adequate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage using appropriate technical or organizational measures.


Although “TEATREAR” and “Belarmino da Rocha” are separate organizations, they work together and may need to share personal data so that each can fulfill its responsibilities and provide the products and services you request.
Although this Privacy Notice is published on the website by TEATREAR as Data Controller, it is in the section of the website managed by Belarmino da Rocha where Belarmino da Rocha is also the Data Controller of the personal data you provide.
If you provide personal data directly to Belarmino da Rocha or through involvement in Belarmino da Rocha, or to employees or volunteers, Belarmino da Rocha is responsible for the data processing for the fulfillment of its legal obligations under the GDPR. Where consented or permitted, this personal data is shared with TEATREAR and TEATREAR may process this data on behalf of Belarmino da Rocha or as a joint controller for its own purposes.
Where TEATREAR and Belarmino da Rocha are joint controllers, both are responsible for how your data is processed.


As Belarmino da Rocha is a Data Controller based in Brazil, each Local Office in the EEA is Belarmino da Rocha’s representative in the jurisdiction in which the Local Office is established to assist Belarmino da Rocha in the collection, storage, use and transfer of information and compliance with all applicable data protection laws.


Belarmino da Rocha and TEATREAR take your privacy very seriously and this Policy was adopted because it recognizes the right of individuals to keep your personal information private.
By providing Personal Data, including through use of this website, you agree to allow us to contact you, including by post, email, telephone or SMS text message, in connection with our charitable purposes:
A. for our legitimate interests in accordance with applicable data protection regulations; or
B. based on the consents you have given.

Modifying your preferences

If at any time you want to change your preferences and:
1. you do not wish to receive further communications from Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR; OR
2. you want to change how you receive any communication
follow the procedure in Your rights below.
If you disagree with any part of this policy, please do not provide us with Personal Data and do not use the website.


Personal Data is collected whenever you contact us, for example when:
A. visit website;
B. make a donation to one of our institutions or projects;
C. register for a TEATREAR conference or any other TEATREAR event;
D. apply for a job or volunteer vacancy at Belarmino da Rocha, or at TEATREAR;
E. provide your contact details, in writing or orally, to Belarmino da Rocha, or TEATREAR staff or volunteers;
F. buy goods or services from Belarmino da Rocha, or TEATREAR, through the website, or directly at our events and when you provide credit or debit card details;
G. participate in other activities of Belarmino da Rocha, or TEATREAR, for example, Groups;
H. contact us via email, text, letter, phone;
I. have face-to-face meetings with staff and volunteers;
J. access social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte;
K. when you register online and grant permission to Belarmino da Rocha to provide TEATREAR with access to your personal data and give consent to be contacted by Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR.


Personal information

The types of personal information collected by us include:

• personal details such as title, name and date of birth;
• contact details such as postal address, postal code, e-mail, mobile and telephone numbers;
• where relevant to our mission, demographic information such as marital status, national origin, education, employment/qualifications and family details;
• financial information, such as donation history and your bank details;
• if you are a taxpayer at our local office’s place of registration;
• Spouse and family details when you jointly volunteer, register for events and/or register your children for any reason with Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR;
• non-financial information such as passports, driver’s licenses and financial information such as salary records, tax codes and expense reports;
• staff and volunteer data, such as qualifications, languages and experience;
• records of your contact with us;
• photographs provided by you or taken at Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR activities or events;
• website visits to allow Belarmino da Rocha, or TEATREAR to improve its effectiveness and better promote its activities and events.

Special category/sensitive personal information we may collect and store sensitive personal information (special category information under GDPR) such as:
• health information provided during our face-to-face meetings;
• health information to assist in participating in Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR services and events;
• religious information (participation in events/activities of Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR, personal decisions of faith, baptism);
• religious affiliation, permitted when you and/or your family participate, register for Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR events and conferences;
• prayer requests.


We collect information about you for a variety of uses based on different reasons. For example, some of the information is disclosed to register for activities or events, sometimes we are required by law and regulations to collect and process information about you, and at other times we consider it to be in our legitimate charitable interest to collect and process information. .
Your personal information will be treated in accordance with the Law. It is never sold or given away. It is only shared with others where you have given consent or where permitted or required by contract or law.
We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without first obtaining your consent, unless authorized or required by law.
Generally, the use of your personal information based on our legitimate charitable interests and your consent may include:
• keep you informed about services, activities, events, resources reports and conferences by Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR;
• promote the interests of Belarmino da Rocha, or TEATREAR, its Christian missions and its charitable objects;
• manage staff and volunteers;
• raise funds and process donations and related legal rights and obligations;
• to establish and maintain your involvement with us, events you attend, which areas and activities of our institutions you support, record and acknowledge any donation, to provide the products or services you have requested;
• to respond to an inquiry or request for more information or a complaint about us, our services, activities and events;
• to register you for events, conferences and provide requested services;
• to perform market analysis and research and to improve our website and communications, for example by combining anonymous user data with social media sites such as Facebook to better understand people’s interests;
• help our local offices to provide more valuable services and products to those involved in Belarmino da Rocha and the TEATREAR community;
• to improve our ability to help Belarmino da Rocha, TEATREAR participants and the wider community;
• assist Belarmino da Rocha and TEATREAR with managerial and administrative purposes, such as accounting, credit/debit card payments, anti-fraud measures, maintenance and development.

Legal basis for using your personal information we will only process your personal information where we have a legal basis to do so. The legal basis will depend on the reason or reasons we collect and need to use your information. According to the Law, in almost all cases, the legal basis will be:
• because it is in our legitimate interest as registered charitable and Christian religious entities to use your personal information to operate and improve our service;
• to fulfill any contractual relationship we have with you in relation to the provision of products or services, such as event registration;
• because you have consented to Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR using your information for a specific purpose;
• because we need to use your personal information to comply with a legal obligation, such as the protection and welfare of individuals;
• to protect your vital interests or that of another person, for example in spiritual counseling situations;
• process sensitive/special category personal data that is relevant to us as an organization;
• where you have given us consent to contact you by email, phone or SMS to send you information and marketing communications.


Information that you provide electronically, including through this website, may be maintained on computers at Belarmino da Rocha Group locations and on servers in Brazil, the EEA and the USA.
Information provided on paper, such as consents, letters or recorded in meetings with staff or volunteers, can be transferred to secure virtual systems or stored in secure physical filing systems.
Subject to compliance with our data management policies and procedures and in compliance with the above Data Protection Principles, information may be accessed, used and stored:
A. LIIETTI. on computers at Belarmino da Rocha Group locations and servers based in Brazil, EEA and USA; and
B. by a number of key employees or volunteers under a duty of confidentiality who are involved in the development, maintenance and operation of the, and websites, or in the services provided by them, or who act for us for the uses defined in this policy, or other purposes approved by you. These parties may also process information, fulfill and deliver orders, process credit card payments and provide support services to us.
Third-party service providers may process information, fulfill and deliver orders, process donations and credit card payments, and provide support services on our behalf. Where such details are shared, agreements in place restrict the use of your information to the purpose for which it is provided and ensure that it is stored securely and in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.
One of our main providers is The Rocket Science Group in the US d/b/a MailChimp, which provides email communication services.
Another key provider is Planning Center Online, which provides the services needed to allow children and youth to check in, volunteer, and connect group management.
We do not sell or pass on any of your personal information to any other organization and/or individuals without your express consent, unless required by law.

Financial records and card details:

All payments and registration Financial records are maintained in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”).
All credit/debit card donations made online or over the phone are made securely through service providers and third-party payment gateways, which are PCI DSS compliant. Unedited card details are not recorded and stored in our systems.
We do not store unredacted financial data (credit or debit card numbers) obtained through online transactions, nor do we pass any information on to third parties, except where we are legally required to do so, to help reduce fraud or to provide a requested service and minimize credit risks.


We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary and in accordance with the law and other legal requirements.
If you have indicated that you no longer wish to hear from us, we will keep the minimum information necessary to ensure that no further contact is made.
However, even after you modify your communication preferences, we may retain copies of information about you for a period of time consistent with applicable law, applicable statute of limitations, or as we believe is reasonably necessary to comply with law, regulation or legal process.
Where we hold Sensitive Category Personal Information, unless we have evidence of your regular contact with us or are required by law to retain it, confidential information will be deleted after a period of two (2) years.


We use various technologies to collect information when you access or use, including placing a piece of data, commonly referred to as a “cookie”, on your device. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device’s hard drive or memory when you visit a website or view a message. By using, you allow us to collect and use your activity information on devices you use in accordance with this Privacy Notice.



Where you have given us your consent to the processing of your personal data, you can withdraw that consent at any time. In addition, the Law gives you the right, under certain circumstances:
• request in writing and securely obtain copies of the personal information we hold about you;
• to correct or update your personal information held by us;
• request that we stop using your personal information for marketing purposes or for any other purpose where ongoing processing is not legally required;
• object to profiling activities based on our legitimate interest;
• request deletion of all personal data (EEA only). To exercise any of these rights, please contact
Please inform Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR as soon as any of your contact details change, so that records can be kept up to date.
We will take reasonable steps to correct any information you provide that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.
If you wish your personal information to be deleted, contact Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR and, whenever possible, this information will be deleted.
A request to access, change or delete your personal information may be refused under certain circumstances. If declined, you will be provided with a justification for the decision and, in the event of a change, noted with your personal information that its accuracy is disputed.


The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) gives you the right to:
* choose whether or not you wish to receive marketing communications from us via email, text or phone;
You can change at any time the way you are contacted, or the type of material sent to you, by contacting us by post or email using the contacts below.


You will have the opportunity to opt out of communications at any time and to stop receiving such communications by:
A. following the instructions to “unsubscribe” in any email or text communication received from Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR;
B. by sending an email to;


Reasonable steps will be taken to keep all personal information held secure.
Personal information, held electronically, is stored on a secure server or in secure files.
The Internet is not a secure method of transmitting information. Consequently, no responsibility is accepted for the security of information you send or receive from us over the Internet or for any unauthorized access or use of that information.
Security measures are taken to protect your information from access by unauthorized persons and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.
Where we provide you with or you have chosen security codes (username, password, memorable word or PIN) which enable you to use any online service, you are responsible for keeping these security details confidential.


This website may also include links to other websites or may provide social media buttons allowing you to share web content directly on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube.
We do not endorse social media sites and are not responsible for the content unless posted or approved by us, nor are we responsible for the cookies these sites may contain.
Use of such buttons or links is at your own risk and you should verify the authenticity of the sites before posting or providing personal information on such sites.
We do not ask for passwords or personal data on social networks.
Sites such as Vimeo and YouTube are used to embed videos on the site and service providers such as Brushfire, MailChimp and Google Analytics may send their own cookies through this site.
This site may also contain sponsored links and advertisements. This can usually be done through partner websites or institutions or service providers, who may have their own detailed privacy policies.


Any documents or files made available for download from our website are provided at the user’s own risk.


Please contact Belarmino da Rocha or TEATREAR if you wish to raise a concern about the handling of your personal information through this website or by other means.
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority Office (see contact details below) about the way your data is managed.


Belarmino da Rocha, and TEATREAR may change this Policy from time to time to reflect changes in best practices, security and control and to ensure compliance with any changes or amendments to the Law or other applicable legislation in the EEA. Any amended version will be available on the website. We suggest that you visit it regularly to keep abreast of any changes.


Contacting Belarmino da Rocha and/or TEATREAR:

If you would like more information or have questions, issues or complaints regarding the Privacy Policy or our information handling practices in general, please contact the appropriate person(s) below:

Belarmino da Rocha Group as administrator of TEATREAR
Att: Privacy Officer
1471 Paulista Avenue, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
Ph.: +55 11 2122 4220

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